(More) Realistic Weapon Body Penetration Mod 1.0 Beta


*New Verion Released*
Next Version will be compatible the common Sound Overhaul Mod

Probably you noticed the same thing like me: Anytime you shoot a Ped with any weapon, even a 9 mm pistol, they are kicked like they were hit by an Airbus A380 turbine thrust beam. For real, this looks really silly and takes so much immersion from the game.
So I was inspired by Zippo Raids Violence Overhaul Mod
and managed it to alter the Vanilla Bullet force to a more realistic level.
The result felt and looked almost disgusting realistic. Bullets go through bodys now like a knive through butter, but still with some ragdoll reactions, looks pretty awesome.
I did this very fast and tried to strike a balance, this mod is alpha state, please keep that in mind.

I am releasing it now for everyone because i would like the community to make suggestion if the bullet impact force is either too low or too high for the different weapons.
Current State: 1.0 Beta

Known Issues:
-When shot in the back while runnig/walking most peds will fall instantly (Gta5 engine)
-Peds that are shot while runnig will stumble and fall due to pain

-Soft Front Body Parts will be penetrated without resistance
- many cops and likewise peds will stay on their feets even when they just got perforated with bullets, they collapse later one.

M4 Carbine:
tumbeling bullets cause more stopping power than 9 mm + higher velocity
several hits will down any ped

This one still knocks people off their feet quite fast due to high velocity 7 mm rounds

most Peds now take one to two frontal cal.50 shots before they collapse

Nice and clean, wents extremely fast throgh the body. (frontal hit)

cal.50 Sniper:
this one is underpowered at the moment.
unlike the normal sniper the targets body will be shoven backwards due to a hit.

You may also check out ''Ripplers Realism''
I might contain the same changes with additional stuff
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